The FREE fishing app that can Measure, Weigh & Mount your catches!

Use Weigh In to easily measure your fish with your camera. Automatically get an estimated weight calculation and never miss an opportunity to mount your trophy catches. Now your phone has a new place in your tackle box.

Initially only available for iOS devices

Accurate Measurements

Weigh In turns any mobile device into a convenient tool for measuring and weighing fish in the real world. It's simple, Weigh In lets you capture unforgettable fishing moments while providing a detailed account of the size of any catch in real time.

Track, Log & Share Your Catches Like a Pro

Like a fishing time machine. Weigh In will let you relive the excitement of any catch by automatically tracking & cataloging all the fish you've caught.

Catch More Fish!

Want to know when the fish are going to bite? Weigh In taps into the real time weather data to track weather patterns, and sun & moon positions to accurately predict fish activity. Giving you the best opportunity to catch that elusive lunker.

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